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Events Sponsored:

See the calendar of events for all park foundation volunteer sponsored events and programming.

Current projects:

The foundation is currently developing a hands-on arts-based curriculum called "Teaching History Through the Arts" with support from a Benedum Foundation grant.

new visitor center at Pricketts FrotCompleted projects:

The foundation has been responsible for all fundraising, educational outreach, event programming, building restoration and construction for 30 years and completed a new Visitor Center for the park in 2006.


All the historical and educational programs presented at Pricketts Fort State Park are planned, staffed and funded by the Pricketts Fort Memorial Foundation, an independent, not-for-profit historical organization. Governed by an elected board of directors of eighteen people, the Foundation is a membership-based 501(c)3 organization. Interested individuals and families are invited to join as members. By joining Pricketts Fort Memorial Foundation you are helping to preserve the regional history. You are also helping us to continue living history, performances and special events.

Memberships may be purchased at the following levels. Each level receives different benefits.
















  • Free admission to the Fort and Job Prickett House for yourself, your family and guests (level dependant).
  • A discount in the museum shop.
  • A subscription to The Gate Post, our quarterly newsletter,
  • An invitation to the Annual Membership Dinner.

Contact us for a brochure outlining the complete benefits of membership.

Pricketts Fort Memorial Foundation
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